Wednesday, 29 July 2009

It never rains .....

Some of you may of noticed I have been a bit blog absent recently - I haven't been very well - the flu that I have had has caused me to develop a condition called Torticollis .. a condition that is in the neck muscles - it's pretty fair to say I have been in agony over the ;ast few days!

And have also had some other issues to deal with - that hasn't been pleasant :(

Hope to be back to my blogging state soon!

Hope everyone else is well

Love CC xXx


Sher said...

Oh Hon, I thought it was from all the wedding planning being done. Get Well and shake this thing for good!

Kari said...

Owie! That sounds awful, and I'm sorry you are in pain. I hope you are resting and getting lots of TLC. Hope that all is well too.