Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Paint a smile upon my face each time you hurt me.....

It was meant to be Sports Day at work today - but it got rained off!! So back to normal lessons!!

Went to the Supermarket after work - picked up a skirt - it was in the kids section but it fit me perfectly well - I've nabbed a few bargains from there over the years :D

Final Dress fitting 2morrow :D :D Can't wait to try it on again!!!!

What I wore today:

Trousers: Florence and Fred @ Tesco.
Top: New Look.
Belt: Vintage (Mum's)
Boots: Barrett's.
Hairband: Claire's Accessories.
Necklace: Asda.

Song Title: The Heart of a clown.


Jane said...

I love that belt on the black. It looks fab.

Kari said...

Oh bummer, I hate it when it gets rained out. It happens too often around here. (I'm in the Pacific Northwest, so very similar climate to you, I think.)

I love the blue belt, and the trousers look like they fit you impeccably!

Fell4fashion said...

Yeah for final dress fittings!!! :)

Nessa said...

I've always been tempted to do some shopping in the little girls section...hmmm. And yay for dress fittings, you're going to show us, right?! =)

Cammila said...

Love cinching it with a belt :)

Candycane said...

Thanks I love these wirk trousers - they are the ones I wear most often as they fit so nicely!

I will put pics up if the dress but maybe only after I've worn it as H2b comes on this site and I really don't want him to see it!! :D

Thanks for the comments :D

Sher said...

Very slim and sexy look. that belt is the perfect touch!