Thursday, 29 October 2009

Autumn days when the grass is jewelled ...

Today we both had the day off work (I've had the whole week off for half term holiday's!) so we decided to go out somewhere different, we found a little village and went to a tearooms - another sneaky cake may of jumped on in .. so much for the diet!!
Then we had a nice walk through some fields by the river. And saw some v naughty cows!!!!!!!!
Again was a lovely day - but not as sunny as yesterday - precipitation was in the air and my hair started to curl grrr!!!

What I wore today:

Dress: Primark.
Jeans: George@ Asda.
Boots: Barret's
Necklace and Earrings: Asda.
Coat: H+M France.

Blog Title Song: Another of my fave childhood harvest songs: Autumn Days!

Mellow, fruitful harvest time.

It was a beautiful autumnal day today, the sun was shining and the trees looked gorgeous, I could go out without a coat - but not warm enough for just my bare arms in my dress, so threw on this chunky sweater.
Went to see my grandad and did his shopping ... and may of had a sneaky cake and cuppa :D

Then came home and got changed into the below outfit for football!

We won 3-0 YEY finally a good result!!

What I wore today:
Dress: Primark.
Cardie: George @ Asda.
Shoes: Gifted.

Jeans: New York Laundry.
Grey Top: Cherokee - Tesco.
Black Top: Primark.
Boots: Barrett's.

Blog Title Song: One of my favourite Harvest Festival Hymns as a child - Michaelmas Daises.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Bumper Pack!

Ok so here is a bumper pack edition of this weekends clothes as I haven't had chance to post!

The first outfit is what I wore to my friends 30th Birthday party on Saturday night!

What I wore Sat:
Dress: Cherokee - Tesco.
Shoes: Tesco.
Cardie: Matalan.
Necklace: Gifted - Avon Boutique.
Bag: Gifted.

So the next outfit on the list is what I wore on Sunday - had a bit of a lazy day, watching TV, reading mags - generally recovering from the night before LOL! This is what I wore to go over to my mum and dad's for Sunday Dinner! The tights are a really rich purple colour but it doesn't show up so well in the pics!

What I wore Sunday:
Grey Tee - Cherokee - Tesco.
Black Top - Primark.
Skirt: Dorothy Perkins.
Tights - Gifted - Evie.
Boots: Barrett's.
Butterfly necklace: Gifted.

And finally the last installment for today is what I wore on Friday to go shopping with my Husband (Apparently I spent 40 Min's in the changing rooms of one shop - OOPS!!!)
So here I am checking my watch out hehe!

What I wore Friday:
Dress: New Look.
Cardie: New Look.
Jeans: New York Laundry.
Boots: Barrett's.
Watch: Gifted - Oasis.

On a further note these are my three hair and make-up close-up shots that go with each day - I think I look so different in every picture!!

And now it's half term woooooo no work for a whole week :D

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Don't want to walk through life an undiscovered soul!!

Work today, not a lot to report really, it is a horrible cold, wet and windy day!

Liked my outfit though, had a great sandwich for dinner and listened to Richie in my car - good times :D

What I wore today:
Boyfriend Cardie/Shirt: Peacocks.
Trousers: Florence and Fred @ Tesco.
Shoes: Gifted.
Scarf: Primark.

Blog Title Song: Undiscovered Soul - Richie Sambora.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Maybe, maybe it's the clothes we wear, The tasteless bracelets and the dye in our hair,

This is what I wore on Sunday to go over to Mum and Dads for dinner, This dress was my mum's in the 70's! I love the handbag pattern on it, and feel it has a more 40's feel than a 70's one!

Here I am hanging out with the trash cans :)

Today I have had my gym session at the hospital, so just a basic outfit!

What I wore Sunday:
Dress: Vintage - Mum's.
Boots: Barrett's.
Necklace: Vintage: Mum's.
Belt: Vintage.
Watch: Gifted - Oasis.
Coat: Miss Selfridge.
Bag: Jane Norman.
Earrings: Asda.
Hair Flower: Claire's.

What I wore Monday:
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins.
Jumper: Dorothy Perkins.
Trainers: Adidas.

Blog Title Song: Trash - Suede.

I wanna hold em like in Texas plays ...

Friday I was doing household chore's all day and then in the evening changed into this outfit to go to a friends house to play poker!

I finished my book the other day - it's taken me ages to read it, I just haven't found a book recently that has really grabbed my attention and made me want to read!
Anyway I started a new book - But really couldn't get into it so I gave it to a friend that came over on Sat night!

I've now began the fifth Harry Potter book!

No post from Saturday as went to a friends BBQ and basically wore the same as above, Then a friend came over to drink wine and play on the Wii!

What I wore:
Skirt: New Look.
Jumper: Primark.
Tights: Primark.
Shoes: Barrett's.
Bandeau: Free.

Blog Title Song: Poker Face - Lady Gaga.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Ladies who luncheon...

Wore this first outfit to go to lunch with one of my best friends on Wednesday, we had a great time catching up as I had not been able to see her properly since she was my bridesmaid back in August!
After lunch we went for a look around a local shopping mall, I managed to not buy anything though :D

What I wore:
Dress: McArthur Glen Boutique.
Cardie: New Look.
Tights: Asda.
Shoes: Gifted.
Necklace: Vintage - Mum's.
Watch - Gifted, Oasis.

The next Outfit is what I wore to work yesterday, I forgot to take a blog pic in the morning, so had to do it when I returned from a long day at work, and had been rained on!
Ah well I still liked this outfit for work, I wore it recently as a casual outfit but at the time thought it was more worky!!

What I wore:
Skirt: Thrifted - Mum.
Top: Matalan.
Bandeau: Free with a magazine.
Earrings: Gifted - Avon Boutique.
Boots: Barret's.
Tights: Primark.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Purple People Eater...

Wore this outfit to go pick up my Halloween costume from my friend (as i had to send the one I had ordered off the Internet back - tooooo short!!!)

Afterwards we went out for a meal at a local carvery - delish!

When I was getting ready to go out I was listening to a 50's and 60's hour on the radio and The Purple People Eater song came on - thought it was appropriate seeing as my top is purple!!

This is what I wore on Monday to go to my therapy - only I didn't go in the end as I was feeling a bit blagh so stayed in the nice and warm and read my book! Not sure why my pic is when I was eating my dinner though haha!

What I wore today:
Purple top: Gifted - Gap.
Cardie: Florence and Fred.
Jeans: New York Laundry.
Boots: Barret's.
Watch: Gifted - Oasis.
Necklace: Unknown.

Grey T-shirt: Cherokee @ Tesco.

Blog Title Song: Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley.

The key to my life..

This is what I wore to work yesterday!

Then I changed quickly in to Jeans before going to work behind the bar - after a well deserved Cuppa :)

Here is my hubby trying to get his new football shirt on and getting it stuck on his head!!!!

Only to find it's too big for him anyway - so it's going back!!

We have a band here in the UK called Boyzone and one of the members sadly died the other day - he was only 33 it's quite shocking!

One of my fave songs that Boyzone ever did is called Key to my life, hence the title - and it fit perfectly with me wearing my key necklace that I made!

RIP Stephen!

What I wore today:
Top: Primark.
Trousers: Florence and Fred.
Shoes: Barretts.
Jeans: New York Laundry.

Blog Title Song: Key to my life: Boyzone.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Just a reminder ....

There will be an outfit post 2morro but I just wanted to remind people to vote on my September round up page

And also one of my outfits wasn't showing up in the feed - so I'm linking to it :D

Saturday, 10 October 2009


This is what I wore to go to the hairdressers today! Fancied a change so have gone for a Burgundy colour and a shorter fringe cut in!
Had a great time!



We also got a new car today :D So took that out for a spin last night - very smooth drive!! And the Wii arrived - haven't set it up yet though!

So all in all was a day of new arrivals!!

What I wore today:
Skirt: Cherokee.
Blue Vest: New Look.
Yellow Bandeau top: New Look.
Cardie: Florence and Fred.
Boots: Barrets.
Tight: Primark.
Watch: Oasis - Gifted.