Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bored game - see what I did there .... - hmmm :D

Ok so what you have to do is answer the questions and pick the picture of google images of the answer!!

Have a go it passes a few mins! :D

Name: Candycane!

Your age: 26

Where you want to visit: New York.

Where you grew up: Different part of Derbyshire!

Where do you live: Derbyshire - no idea what that fairy is all about!!!

Fave food: Cheese!

Fave sweets: Chocolates.

Fave animal: Sheep.

Fave colour: Purple and black!

Describe your marital status: Soon to be wed!

Describe your relationship in one word : Happy!

1 comment:

Francie. said...

hahah . i like how it says derbyshire:police evidence on that fairy. You're soon to be wed? When's the lucky day! How exciting!!