Monday, 22 June 2009

Magic eight ball.

A game I saw on someone else's blog that I thought I'd have a go at :D

Here are the rules:

1. Mention the person (or people) who tagged you.

2. Complete the list of 8's.

3. Tag 8 other blogger's and let them know they have been tagged.

OK, here it goes.

8 things I am looking forward to:
1. My wedding day :D

2. Honeymoon :)

3. My final dress fitting. :)

4. My B'day :)

5. Summer - no work haha :)

6. The new footie season and new club being built! :)

7. Being fitter! :)

8. Thrifting!

8 things I did yesterday:

1. Tidied the house.

2. Worked out.

3. Had a BBQ.

4. Celebrated Fathers day with the great dad's!

5. Drank yummy wine.

6. Watched Escape to the country.

7. Made Lemon Possett.

8. Took pictures for blog :P

8 things I wish I could do:

1. Be well.

2. Speak French fluently.

3. Live in America.

4. Travel more.

5. Run.

6. Cook.

7. Have more money.

8. Be in in a musical.

8 Shows I watch:

1. The Hills

2. Neighbours.

3. Greys Anatomy.

4. Girls Next Door/Kendra.

5. Eastenders.

6. Heroes.

7. 90210.

8. Desperate Housewives.

8 favorite fruits:

1. Strawberries.
2. Apples.
3. Peaches.
4. Grapes.
5. Banana's.
6. Raisins.
7. Cherries.
8. Pineapples.

8 Places I'd Like to Travel

1. The Bahamas
2. New York.
3. Miami.
4. Italy.
5. Paris.
6. Australia.
7. Japan
8. ALL THE USA!!!!

8. Places I've Lived

1. Derbyshire.
2. Derby!

Yup.. only two places - 3 different places in Derbyshire though :P

8 People I've Tagged
Anyone who wants to take it! I tag you all! :)

Go to your photo files...
Select the 8th photo folder...
Select the 8th photo in that folder...
Post that photo along with the story behind it.
Then challenge 6 blog friends to do the same!
This photo was taken at the Football Presentation in 2008 and I am presenting my Mum and Dad with an award for there achievements within and for the club! :D Good Times!


Sher said...

Please tell me what Lemon Posset is? You can email me the receipe.... is it a drink or a dessert? Either way sounds yummy

Candycane said...

Have emailed you :D


Kari said...

I haven't made it very far away from home yet either - different county, but same state, same weather, and very similar culture. Sometimes I crave a change.

I want to live in the UK some day. Maybe we ought to swap. :)

Candycane said...

Yes we could swap, I'm sure there used to be a tv programme about that .. where people swapped houses for a month or so :D

Where in the US do you live?