Monday, 29 June 2009

The things inside without a care.....

I've seen this done on many other people's blogs so thought I'd have a go as I'm not really making a big deal of my outfit today!

In my bag:
Playboy Notebook and pen.
Coin for trolleys.
Umbrella for the great British weather.
And usually my phone!

This is what I am wearing at the moment, Earlier I was wearing a Elle t-shirt and Jeans but I changed as I was playing around with 2morrow's outfit and as it was warm I stayed in this - it's fine for lounging around in - maybe a besides the pool/beach cover up!

I have no-makeup on and whilst that was fine in the first pic, I was pulling a hideous face in the second and so a big black blob appeared!

What I wore today:

Skirt worn as Dress: Select.
Top: H+M.
Belt worn as scarf: Thrifted.


Sher said...

Brave girl, I would never disclose what is in my pocketbook/purse LOL!

Candycane said...

I left a couple of items out, plus it gave me a chance to sort out al the reciepts, bits of paper (ie junk) that was taking residence in the bottom of my bag!!

Denise said...

oh i love your outfit! really really so cute! Oh what's inside mt huge bag is crazy. i at least have two books in there. heavy really.

have a great day!