Wednesday, 3 June 2009

To the Max...

I took part in the inspiration calender today! To mainly focus on accessories I just wore Black!

I'm not at work today so I had a gym sesh this morning and then listened to some old music tapes I found which was fun, then this afternoon Gra and I went to a Cash and Carry to pick up some of the sweets for our wedding favours!

My back is all peeling off from the sunshine the other day now - ouch LOL! And as you can see from the pics I was in a silly mood, and decided to mess my shots around a little ;)

What I wore:

Skirt: Cannot remember where I got it ... Label says Evie??
Top: Reveal.
Necklaces: Vintage - Both Mum's
Shoes: Limited Collection M+S.


Mary said...

love the maxi skirt-- is that a belt? I love it!

Candycane said...

The belt is part of the skirt! :)

Sher said...

Great maxi! That blk can be so versatile.

Boutique Girl said...

Evie - it is either Peacocks or Ethel Austin! I have a vest top with that label and I got it on one of those shops!!

SHOEGAL said...

Evie is Peacocks I think. Great outfit!

Candycane said...

Yeah thas what I wondered as I have some peacock clothing but theres says E-vie so i'm not sure maybe they've canged the label!
Also I don't remember going to a peacocks around the time I bought it as there wasn't one locally

Hmmmmm the mystery continues LOL!