Friday, 8 May 2009

Acceptable in the 80's!

I'm trying a new mini project for myself - I found 6 summer looks in a magazine and I'm trying to pull outfit inspiration from each one!
The first one I have tried is the "Eighties look" - Now this is not what I would wear to represent the 80's as I', more of a rock chick (Think Crue, Poison, Jovi, Whitesnake etc) All big hair, Denim, lace and leather.
More than the glitterati and brights - but that's not the 80's this article refers too!

So here is my take on it - toned down so it's suitable for work! The top and trousers have both got glitter running through them though!! Although you can't really tell on the trousers in these pics as it is quite subtle!

What I wore:
High waisted trousers: F+F @ Tesco.
Top: H&M.
Scarf: Next.
Shoes: Gifted.


SHOEGAL said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love this look! I'll add you to my blogroll.

Sher said...

Yes very suitable for work. We can't all go to work looking like an 80s Madonna. LOL!

Candycane said...

No i'm not sure what the kids would think if I did haha!