Friday, 8 May 2009

Friendly Blogger!

Thank you so much to Sher For giving me this award - it really means a lot to me - she has been so kind and caring and I really appreciate her comments on my blog - as I do every one's comments :)

There are a few I would like to give it to but I shall pass it on to: Kari at In Kari's Wardrobe!

Thanks again :D Made my day!!


Sher said...

Well deserved Candycane. You visit so many sites each day and have a kind word for everyone :)

Kari said...

Hey, thank you Candycane! That was very kind, and you gave me a big smile.

I LOVE your nautical look today! The stripes and boots are a cute combination I wouldn't have thought of, and I get such a kick out of your fun poses.