Monday, 18 May 2009

Kay's b'day!

Still not feeling very well but it was a good friends b'day so made the effort to go out for a meal - am glad I did as it was a lovely evening!

What I wore:

Dress: Debenhams.
Tights: Primark.
Shoes: F.A.X.
Bracelet: Gifted - a present from a child when I left work.
Earrings: Gifted.


Sher said...

what a pretty dress :) A good laugh can always help with a cure.

Jane said...

I love the colour of the dress.

Lydia said...

pretty dress!

Lmac said...

Wow! Love the dress!

Kari said...

Sorry to hear that you are under the weather! If it's any consolation, you look great - especially in this color. Those shoes look great with the dress - what pretty strap detail! Are they comfortable?

Candycane said...

They are actually really comftable - Ive had them many years now - love them!!