Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The girl does nothing!

Today I have done nothing, nada .. so after my bath and finally getting out of my pj's I found a skirt that was on my bathroom floor added a belt and voila this look was born - good for going down to the pool/beach on holiday (honeymoon whoop) me thinks :)
Have chopped my ugly mug off as my skin is SOOOOOO pale and big black suitcases under my eyes, and couldn't be bothered to add makeup just for the blog he he! I know what would a 1950's housewife say to me - my future hubby should always see me perfectly presented - yeah right ;)

What I wore today:
Skirt: Select.
Belt: New look.


Denise said...

you deserve it!
you look lovely in that dress!

Sher said...

Hey Candycane, stop by my blog and pick up an award!


Candycane said...

Oooh intriguing ... :D

Thanks Denise!