Monday, 18 May 2009

Dr, Dr ...

I haven't blogged for ages .. as I have had a chest infection and been feeling v poorly!

This is what i wore to go to the doctors the other day! Ignore the hair as it was washed then left to dry in a bobble!! Have got antibiotics now and hopefully will start to feel better soon - have got my hen do next week so I better!!!

What I wore:

Top: Next.
Jeans: Next.


Sher said...

Happy to see you again!

Charlotte Sometimes said...

Glad you are feeling better and that you had a nice evening out.
Sounds fun with a hen night, what have you got planned?

Candycane said...

Were going to Notts for the weekend, going ice skating in the day and then for a meal and drinks at night - dressed as bunny's haha!

Then just have a relaxed - hopefully not too hungover Sunday :D I can't wait as some of my friends live so far away it'll be great to see them all :D :D